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"Excellent book; one of the best I've seen on model horse collecting!!!"
"Fantastic/amazing book, well researched, excellent photos, A+ author"

Comments received 8/1/2022:

"received your book in great condition and could not put it down" CL

"terrific reading"

"I love my copy and getting this one for a friend for her birthday!" BS

"As a budding restoration artist and long time collector, this book is invaluable to me!" ES

Previous comments:

Hello! I finally had a chance to read your book from cover to cover and I absolutely loved it!!! I have been a collector since 1978 and have participated in many of the aspects of the hobby that you listed in your book! My favorite part was all of the glorious full color photographs! I had no idea there would be so many! Really, really enjoyed it and plan on checking out the references that you listed as well. THANK YOU for such a great overall archive of our wonderful hobby!!!  ML

STUNNING!  Exquisitely executed! I had NO idea how amazing your book would be!  - from the candid spotlights and stories to the rich photos and exploration of our multifaceted hobby.  Every collector should make room on their shelves for this one!--SR

Love Nancy Kelly’s book “Exploring the Model Horse Hobby” and not just because Bloaty is on the same page as Weird Al Yankovic! It’s a must-have for anyone interested in the model horse hobby!-SS

Great book that provides a good overview of the hobby, and a lot of eye candy. Nicely done, Nancy!--TT

Nancy Kelly has knocked it out of the park again with her most recent book. If you have not bought it yet, do.--LI

Wonderful book full of great info. All the color photos! Great buy! Thanks


I got the book today! Holy cow, the whole thing from first page to last is FANTASTIC! And I want to thank you for how you wrote up my performance setups & the Zonkey baby...you ROCK! --JH

This book is a real pleasure!
It’s so nice to see all these brands of model horses under one cover.
The “stories” people told you are great, and I love the picture of the child playing in the water.
It’s good that you showed pictures of vendors and activities at BreyerFest, and so many hobby publications.--GF

Absolutely AWESOME book! I am so glad I bought a copy!  Thanks for this!

Lynn Isenbarger  has done a 6-part feature about the book on her blog "Horsie Mama". She has described her favorite parts and shares her insights on the model horse hobby as inspired by the book. Her blog is a joy to read as she covers many horse-related topics, models and otherwise. Thank you so much, Lynn!

You can find the first part HERE. (Book introduction)

Second part HERE (Lynn's ponies)

Third part HERE (Ellen and Simone)

Fourth part HERE (Marney)

Fifth part HERE (Linda Walter)

Sixth part HERE (Darci and Haynet)